RWCT Certification Overview

RWCT standards and the associated assessment and certification processes are designed to meet three needs:

  • To serve as tools for participant self-assessment
  • To serve as a focus for peer evaluation and dialogue
  • To serve as the basis for certification in order to establish and maintain RWCT standards for the long-term

The processes described below are designed to be accessible and transparent to those being certified and to those who certify. Certification is viewed as a developmental process in which participants who are not initially certified are provided with clear recommendations and effective mentoring so that they can prepare for a subsequent review. By becoming familiar with the standards and assessment processes and by incorporating them as goals into their vision for excellent teaching, RWCT certified teachers and trainers take an important professional step for themselves and the students they serve.

The RWCT Project recognizes four levels of certification:

  • For those who have successfully completed RWCT workshops
  • For those who have met RWCT teacher standards
  • For those who have met RWCT trainer standards
  • For those eligible to certify other trainers

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