CRITICAL THINKING INTERNATIONAL (CTI) promotes active learning and critical thinking in formal and non-formal educational settings, in all disciplines and at all levels, primary school through university and adult education. Over the past decade we have partnered with NGO’s and schools in more than 35 countries on five continents to provide seminars and workshops for teachers, university faculties, teacher training faculties and education ministries. Consistent quality has been maintained through the use of professionally written materials, and standards and rubrics that guide the performance of participants and trainers alike. The benefits of the training even on successive generations of participants--100,000 and counting--has been validated by independent evaluators. CTI’s work, in short, has been demonstrated to reflect best practices and to be cost-effective.

CTI’s core project, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking, has been recognized by UNESCO and the International Bureau of Education as a best practice in peace-building internationally.

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